Fighting acne at home using home made remedies
Fighting Acne

Rosemary leaves for face steaming

Let’s be honest, you and I probably struggle with acne each and every day of our lives .Maybe a friend or a relative .It’s not something that most people acknowledge or get to talk about as often and as freely ,but it’s here and we can face it together.


Most individuals (especially women) at a certain period of time have struggled and battled with acne, some manage it, heal but to Lavender Herb for fighting acnesome it becomes impossible to manage  or even treat .The saddest part is that it  tends to eat up on ones self-esteem and lower ones confidence , that’s  for a fact .

Self-pity though won’t get you anywhere, all we have to do is accept the situation as it is and work towards fighting it. I promise you the journey isn’t as easy but patience, discipline and persistence will eventually lead you to a glowing, radiant and acne free skin.

  • First thing in fighting with acne; work on your diet and take lots of water. When it comes to your diet consume foods and fruits with high concentration of vitamin A and E (helps in treating acne) examples carrots, avocados ,spinach , sweet potatoes ,almonds  just to name a few .As for water you should drink at least 3 liters in a day  (helps in getting rid of skin and body toxins).
  • Secondly, always wash your face before you sleep using cleansers, scrub your face once a week and steam it once every week. To face steam at home add boiled water in a bowl, use a towel to cover your head over the bowl to get maximum steam absorption into your skin. For better results you can add rosemary leaves or lavender herb into your boiled water. (Know your skin type as it will help you to get products that go well with the face and skin).
  • Thirdly, self-discipline. Unfortunately there’s no ingredient that can make you more disciplined. It is an internal force, self-drive, persistence and patience .Work on your water consumption, diet and skin care routines as mentioned above.
its aloe vera, top plants with health benefits including fighting acneCONNECTING WITH YOU

We as 1823 are together with you throughout your journey as we offer you a wide range of face scrubbers, cleansers, aloe Vera face products, serums, soothing gels and all that you might need to get all your face and skin  goals. You are not alone in this journey.


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