Public sector organizations—from state and local governments, to nonprofits, federal, and defense agencies—often ask us, “How does Companies like 1823 innovate ?
Our approach centers on four pillars that help us innovate on behalf of our customers: culture, consistency , architecture, and organization within the small group at 1823.

Culture to begin with.At 1823 , we rely on the 1823 Leadership Principles to drive consistency in the people we hire, to empower individuals at all levels of our organization to be leaders, and to ensure we keep the customer at the center of our decisions. These principles guide us in our decision-making and keep us accountable. They are embedded throughout our hiring, development, and feedback mechanisms, and provide a framework for how we want our leaders to lead.

Customer Obsession is our first leadership principle. We tend to use the word “customer” frequently at 1823, but public sector organizations may use different words to describe the unique types of customers they support and how they run business on a day today basis.
Another principle that’s important to the public sector is Bias for Action—knowing when to move quickly and take action to improve the citizen experience.

Architecture. It’s important for public sector organizations to build a technical structure that supports rapid growth and allows them to keep up with citizens’ expectations. Creating a self-service platform without gatekeepers allows your team to access the storage and compute, networking, and databases services they need to build so your organization can scale.

Innovate with us at 1823
We encourage you to think about how your organization can use culture, mechanisms, architecture, and organization to develop innovative new products and services that meet the needs of your customers, citizens, or constituents.
we applaud ourselves for try to satisfy every single customer need that trust and shop with us on an everyday basis.
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